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  • Fall visits: In the fall, before the career fair, we host 1-2 meetings per week. At each meeting, an employer will come to speak on their company, talk about their internship program(s), and teach a little bit about actuarial science. And there is always food!
  • Career Fair: We host a career fair every year, typically at the end of September or early October. See the career fair tab for more info.
  • How I Became an Actuary: Every spring we host a capstone meeting where we invite a range of panelists from the industry to discuss their paths to actuarial science.
  • Miscellaneous: Outside of that, we’ll have sporadic meetings throughout the year on different topics to aid you in your actuarial development, as well as social events to help you get to know other club members.

Past Events

All of our Fall 2024 events will be listed on our GCAL.