In the Actuary Club Mentor Program, upperclassmen (juniors, seniors) that meet our criteria will be available to mentor any interested students.

Our mentor criteria are as follows. Mentors must:

  • Be upperclassmen (junior, senior standing)
  • Have passed a minimum of one exam
  • Have attended our career fair in the past
  • Demonstrate familiarity with various hiring processes and a general knowledge of the actuarial profession (cover letter/resume writing, interviewing)

These criteria are in place to ensure that mentors have the experience and knowledge necessary to be a valuable resource for other students.

Mentor Program Expectations

There are expectations for both mentors and mentees. These rules must be followed to ensure the program maintains a positive and constructive environment and all participants feel safe.

  1. Respect your mentor/mentee’s privacy. Boundaries should be set and respected. This pertains to communication methods and frequency of contact.
  2. Respect each other’s time. For meetings to be informative and pleasant, participants’ time must be valued and respected. If you are unable to make a meeting or will be late, please communicate that to your buddy. Open communication is always appreciated.
  3. Track progress towards your goals. Mentors and mentees should put in writing what they hope to get out of the program. Make sure that progress is being made toward goals and provide constructive feedback.

Links to both mentor and mentee registration forms can be found below:

Mentor registration link

Mentee registration link

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the board at


A note from the Actuary Club President:

Speaking from personal experience, I learned a tremendous amount from fellow Actuary Club members that were further along the actuarial path than I was. During those years, I learned several tips and tricks pertaining to exam taking, interview preparation, and resume writing from these peer mentors. I benefited greatly from their knowledge and experience and I am sure many others, including the rest of the Actuary Club Board, feel the same way. This program allows us to pass our knowledge on and encourage more meaningful interactions between club members.

I hope you will register to be either a mentor or mentee and see how rewarding it can be!