Note from the President

My name is Jake Wagner, and I have the pleasure of being the President of the Actuary Club for the 2014 – 2015 school year. I am going to be a senior, majoring in Entrepreneurial Management and Mathematics (Actuary Science). I have had multiple internships, including experience working with life actuaries within industry, and health actuaries within consulting. My biggest passion in life is football, so I help coach a youth team in Saint Paul. I am excited for what the Actuary Club has coming up this year. As we continue to evolve as a club, the impact we create within our community strengthens. Firms are targeting our students because we have a diverse pool of individuals that are capable of excelling through internship and full-time experiences. It’s my job to help create the initial connection between club members and these firms and make sure everyone in the club is adequately prepared for what they have coming. Throughout the year, I will focus on the importance of individual differentiation and developing soft skills for actuarial students. Be sure to check out our events to find out what we are all about! Please feel free to contact me with any questions; you can reach me via email.


Jake Wagner

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