2022 Board Members

Jack Hillesheim – President

Contact info: hille361@umn.edu

About me: I’m Jack and I’m a junior studying actuarial science. I interned with Intact this past summer and will be this upcoming summer as well. My biggest interests are travel, sports, scuba diving, and math. Feel free to shoot me an email if want to know anything about the actuary club!

Henry Anderson – Vice President

Contact info: and06245@umn.edu

About me: I am a junior from St. Paul Minnesota studying actuary science in the College of Science and Engineering. I decided to pursue actuarial science because I have always enjoyed math but particularly the real world application of it and actuarial science provides a good career path after graduation to utilize my affinity for mathematics. I have passed my Exam FM and am planning on taking exam P before the end of this spring. I enjoy football and hockey and regularly play intramural tennis.

Kaylee Klein – Treasurer

Contact info: klei0612@umn.edu

About me: My name is Kaylee and I’m a sophomore currently studying actuarial science. The major interests me because it combines both business and mathematics into one. A fun fact about me is I love theme parks and have even been on the 2nd largest rollercoaster in the US.

Elsa Dahlman – Webmaster

Contact info: dahlm087@umn.edu

About Me: I’m Elsa, and I’m studying Mathematics with a specialization in actuarial science. What I enjoy most about actuarial science is the application of mathematical and statistical methods to solve real-world business problems. In my free time I enjoy traveling, snowboarding, and hiking. One fun fact about me is that Finnish was my first language. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Ben Cantor – Secretary

Contact Info: canto080@umn.edu

About me: I’m Ben and I am a junior studying actuarial science. I am studying actuarial science because I like applied mathematics in regard to finance/economics and risk management. One of my hobby’s is cycling.