UMN Actuary Club Mission

The Actuary Club is a diverse group of students and recent graduates. The club is comprised mainly of actuarial students but is not limited to that major. We also have finance, mathematics, business, and management majors. We are an open club and encourage anyone to join. This means that not only do we allow and welcome students of any major but we also welcome students from surrounding colleges and universities to be part of our club. We provide our members with opportunities to interact more closely with companies through our annual Actuarial Career Fair and info/recruiting sessions. We also provide professional and career workshops throughout the year.

Please send us an email at if you are interested in joining and being added to our group mailing list, whether you are a student or company. We would love to get you involved! We have a fantastic Executive Board this year and can’t wait to get started! Please contact us with any comments or questions you have.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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